Education Consultancy

Our education advisory and consultancy. Our knowledge of the UAE education systems, will help schools and educational institutions to reach their maximum potentials and to support in achieving the ultimate performance. Our business is built on the quality and integrity of our people with close links within the education industry. We will provide the best plans, strategies and solutions in attaining a higher benchmark.

Education Consultancy team

Dr Taher M. Ghazal 

Taher M. Ghazal is the academic consultant in our team. He has received a PhD in IT/Software Engineering and a PhD in Information Science and Technology. He is a very qualified member who has more than 10 years of extensive and diverse experience as an Instructor, Tutor, Researcher, Teacher, IT Support/Specialist Engineer and Business/Systems Analyst. Before joining our team, he worked in a school where he managed school-wide external and internal exams and led teacher training sessions for all staff regarding the implementation and analysis of MAP, IXL, GL assessments, Raz-Kids, Seesaw and MAP skills. He was also a member of the Curriculum Team where he worked closely with the school members and managed to develop the “Personalized Learning Home Connection” component of the schools learning management system, where the component allowed the school to provide personalized learning experiences to students at home based on their academic profile. He has also served in Engineering, Computer Science, ICT, Head of STEM, Innovation Departments, Quality Assurance, Accreditation and Data Analysis, in several governmental and private educational institutions under KHDA, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, UAE.

Mr. Rowell Nicolas 

Mr. Rowell Nicolas has a successful track record in the efficient management of documents from technical teams and projects. He is well-versed in reviewing standards, policies and procedures. He is also has an in-depth understanding of regulatory frameworks and quality assurance standards of various industries including education.

Educational Consultancy Services

Our services include the following, among others

1. Accelerate: Provide student assessment tracking systems/solutions and building student learning profiles.
2. Knowledge: Create an environment for: subject cross-linking, project-based learning, exploration-journey learning and student oriented-center learning.
3. Optimize: Provide school action plans, departmental action plans, school developmental plan, UAE agenda plan and innovation action plan.
4. Innovate: Create an environment for innovation in class practices and activities.
Build exhibitions to expose students to the latest trend in technology.
Build STEM exhibition, digital transformation (Innovation Labs), Extra-curricular Activities and Student extended learning
5. Training: Conduct professional development training and seminars.
Building the capacity of the teachers, head of departments and subject coordinators.
Satisfying the student needs (below achievers and GT students) through building differentiation in lesson plans.


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